If you’re a smart cookie, you know that CBD is much more effective when paired with at least a small amount of THC.

So, if you didn’t figure it out already — I’m a big advocate for both! Since moving to Colorado, I have spent lots of time and money trying to figure out which combination of cannabinoid components would truly help with my anxiety and depression. Over the years, I’ve made some minor discoveries. For example, sativa’s aren’t always my jam. They tend to make me more anxious. A heavy indica can be, well, way too heavy sometimes. LucidMood botanical terpene infused Sipper’s are the perfect THC:CBD vape pens to achieve the mood you want for a better day.

As I’ve gotten more plugged into the cannabis industry and more innovation is hitting the market, I’ve decided I want to make BIG discoveries instead.

LucidMood botanical terpene THC:CBD pens

When I was contacted by LucidMood to see how we might be able to work together, I thought that their use of botanicals in their concentrate vape pens was super interesting. After meeting with some of their team and the brains behind their formulas, I was totally sold. LucidMood uses a mix of natural botanicals in conjunction with their CBD:THC blend, making their Sipper pens your go-to for elevating your mood accurately.

Instead of hitting a pen that’s probably indica, sativa or a hybrid — you’re smoking on a concoction designed to affect your mood as advertised. And with six different moods to pick from: Chill, Calm, Sleep, Relief, Energy and Party, LucidMood can help you get to whatever state of mind you’re aiming for.

LucidMood botanical terpene THC:CBD pens


When testing out all six botanical infused sippers, I found the flavors to be very noticeable, but lacking the synthetic taste many flavored pens have.

So, I have to assume this is because the botanicals they’re using are natural flavors, not manufactured things like “sour apple,” because of LucidMood’s commitment to no fillers.

LucidMood Relief Botanical Terpene THC:CBD Vape PenThe lavender in Chill and apple blossom in Sleep are divine and give you instant relaxation. Calm’s white rose integration is so subtle and it’s a dream to sip on. Relief, Party and Energy have more complex flavors as they use more complex botanicals. The camphorweed in Relief is earthy and full. While the citrus-y flavor of Energy is bright and crisp. The Party Sipper definitely carries the most interesting flavoring with a hint of sweetness at the beginning and spice at the end. Kind of like a delicious dirty chai tea.

A THC:CBD 1:1 Ratio for Better Effects

Since LucidMood only uses active ingredients and zero fillers, you can expect a 40% THC, 40% CBD and 20% terpene ratio in every Sipper. This is about 250mg of concentrate. Plus, the owners have really done their homework. These aren’t random cannabinoids and terpenes tossed together and marketed to specific moods. They’ve all been specifically selected for their exact benefits.LucidMood botanical terpene THC:CBD pens

For example, my favorite pen out of the bunch based on flavor alone is probably Sleep. The apple blossom flavor is honestly so nice. The active terpene in the Sleep Sipper is terpinolene, known for its relaxation and restful sleep attributes. It’s extracted from apple blossoms, lilac, nutmeg and tea tree.

Different Botanical Terpenes for Different Purposes

The Party Sipper is a combination of the terpenes beta caryophyllene and limonene. Beta caryophyllene is known for its mood enhancement and analgesic traits and has a spicy/peppery aroma. It’s derived from cloves, black peppercorn, oregano and cinnamon — which I could definitely taste. Limonene is found in the Energy Sipper as well, it elevates the mood and promotes stress relief. Limonene is derived from oranges, lemons, lime and grapefruit. Giving Energy its citrus pop.

We could sit here and go through ALL of the terpenes, but if you scroll down you’ll find a comprehensive list of the terpenes used in each of the pens I tested.

LucidMood botanical terpene THC:CBD pens relief


I think one of the most important things to note about LucidMood vape pens is that their purpose isn’t just to get you high.

These pens absolutely have a euphoric effect due to THC, but the mission behind what this company is doing is all about creating a better experience for users so they can medicate properly. Many people are curious about CBD and THC for its medicinal and helpful traits, but have very little groundwork for where to start in experimenting safely.

Since these pens are low-potency, you can safely medicate with the proper terpenes for your desired mood without suddenly finding yourself melted into the couch. I personally can’t wait to see what other “moods” they release. I know I would kill for one that helps me focus on projects!

LucidMood botanical terpene THC:CBD pens party

LucidMood botanical terpene infused THC:CBD Sipper vape pens are carried in dispensaries all over Colorado, Nevada and Maryland. As well as others. Use their locator to find a dispensary near you that carries Sippers! I want to thank LucidMood again for gifting me these pens to test out & review:



Terpene: Limonene

Benefits: Elevated Mood and Stress Relief
Aroma: Vibrant citrus
Extracted from: Oranges, Lemons, Lime and Grapefruit
Found in: LucidMood Energy, LucidMood Party and LucidMood Lift

Terpene: Linalool

Benefits: Relaxation and Stress Relief
Aroma: Floral with a hint of spiciness
Extracted from: Lavender, Coriander, Bay Leaf and Laurel
Found in: LucidMood Relax and LucidMood Sleep

Terpene: Beta Caryophyllene

Benefits: Mood Enhancement, Analgesic, Body high, enhances mood and relieves aches and soreness.
Aroma: Spicy and peppery
Extracted from: Cloves, Black Peppercorn, Oregano and Cinnamon
Found in: LucidMood Bliss, LucidMood Party and LucidMood Relief

Terpene: Borneol

Benefits: Analgesic, Mood Elevation
Can reverse order from Beta Caryophyllene
Aroma: Minty and earthy
Extracted from: Camphorweed, Wormwood, Rosemary and Mint
Found in: LucidMood Relief

Terpene: Geraniol

Benefits: Stress Reduction and Relaxation
Aroma: Floral
Extracted from: Rose, Lemon, Citronella and Geranium
Found in: LucidMood Calm

Terpene: Terpinolene

Benefits: Sedative, Relaxation
Aroma: Smokey and Woody
Extracted from: Apple Blossoms, Lilacs, Nutmeg, Tea Tree
Found in: LucidMood Sleep

ATTENTION: LucidMood botanical terpene infused THC:CBD Sipper vape pens contain 40% THC and 40% CBD. THC may cause euphoria and impair your ability to operate heavy machinery and drive. This review is intended for person’s 21 years old and older living in states where cannabis consumption is legal. Do not ever use THC products and drive.

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