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If you're looking for adventure, you're in the right place. Currently Colorado is home to my blog and my work, so feel free to look around and read a story or two.

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Dog-Friendly Moab Guide

Dog-Friendly Moab Guide

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re also considering a trip to Moab’s desert with your furry friends. Well, I have great news for you, you’re in the right place! This is my guide to dog-friendly Moab: To preface, this most recent trip was the definition of...



A strategic planner at heart, I'm in the business of making impactful campaigns work for incredible brands. Below you'll find the different services I provide and more details about them.

Event Planning

Traditional PR

Influencer Marketing

Lauren is so dedicated to building a real, lasting community for your brand. I cannot sing her praises enough after having the pleasure of working with her on Wicked Revel, a Halloween charity gala, for a local organization I am involved with.

Katherine Davies Magickal Mavens
Katherine Davies

Currently Colorado (Lauren) manages social media for my chiropractic practice and is genius. In terms of copy she looked at what we were putting out and perfectly adapted to our voice/brand. She brings lots of new creative ideas and reading her copy sometimes I do a double take like “wait, did I write that? Nope it was Lauren.

Dr. Suzie Heller The ART Doctors
Dr. Suzie Heller

I have been to several events planned by Currently Colorado. They have all been amazing and rave-worthy! They are great events! Currently Colorado also has incredible content on top of that. Always looking forward to the next post!

Chelsea Blankenship Realty 
Chelsea Blankenship Realty
She provides such value to us and can make big things happen on a reasonable budget, which is meaningful to us. We so appreciate everything she is doing to prepare for the big show [Outdoor Retailer.]
Emily Dix PROVEN Insect Repellent
Emily Dix

A strategic planner at heart, I'm in the business of making impactful campaigns work for incredible brands.