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Back in 2015, I joined a group on Facebook called DFW Sad Girls Club. That group inspired my friend, Kimberly Jurgens, to start a similar group in Denver. Denver Sad Girls Club became a place for transplants and locals alike to come together, make friends, grow their biz and so much more. Jurgens moved back to Austin and relinquished the group to me. Not long after, our mission and purpose became more centered around personal development and truly helping each other as a community. I re-branded us as Bad Bettie Project in 2017 and we became an official non-proft in 2018.


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A Non-Profit Supporting Millennial Women

Bad Bettie Project is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization serving the millennial women and non-binary folks of Colorado, Maryland and New York. This community was born out of the need for sisterhood and friendship and has since blossomed into a resource for young women to find success. We host monthly meet-ups and events to encourage IRL interactions while also using our online community as a hub for anything you might need. Additionally, we have a gift shop where all proceeds go directly to our Emergency Bettie Fund. This fund supports any members in financial crisis.

If you identify as a woman, femme or non-binary person and are between 18-65 in Colorado, please consider joining! We primarily serve millennials, but it’s a safe space for all. If you join, please also consider making a donation to the EBF so we can continue our mission.



Photo by Kimberly Crist

Photo by Kimberly Crist

From casual monthly meet-ups to full-on ragers, Bad Bettie Project is designed with every kind of woman in mind. We are a diverse group of extroverts, introverts and everything in between. Here is a list of our annual roster of cornerstone events, these you’ll find are spinkled throughout the year. In addition to our cornerstone events, we host several monthly pop-ups and mixers:

  • Galentine’s – an immersive girl power experience designed to bring women from all over Colorado together to celebrate one thing: sisterhood. This low-cost, high-impact event brings local businesses to our members for an evening of fabulous fun. 2019’s Galentines sold out in less than a week with a women’s empowerment theme. This year, the theme will be Bae Day – a full-day experience honoring YOU.
  • Babes and Blunts – this 420-friendly event brings together two things everyone loves: women and weed! Last year’s Babes & Blunts included an infused dinner with portraits by Souly Samantha Photo, complimentary smokeables from RMG Boulder and a VIP experience with an overnight stay. 2020’s Babes and Blunts will have a similar vibe with an even better location!
  • Annual Summer Campout – this one’s for our nature babes, every summer we convene for a night or two under the stars to enjoy Colorado! This is always a beginner’s level excursion and meant to make camping fun.
  • Annual Fall Backpacking Trip – another outdoorsy treat, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get into backpacking. We pick a short, easy but fun spot to backpack. This is a great way to meet new women and also have the opportunity to get alone time! Plus, if you’ve never been backpacking – we got your back.
  • Annual Halloween Party – our annual Halloween event is something we’ve been doing for years, 2020 will be our 4th boo bash! It’s a fun co-ed opportunity to mix and mingle, drink, eat and have a great time.

These are most of our annual events, but you can also count on monthly FREE photoshoots, random ticket opportunities, retreats and more. We also partner with other local women’s orgs to bring more event opportunities to our members.



Photo by Erika Klein

Photo by Erika Klein

Probably the biggest benefit of being a Bad Bettie Project member is our online Facebook Community. This space is where most of the action goes down. With over 3,000 members, 99% of which are based in Colorado, this is a great resource for finding friends, jobs, housing, a great brunch spot and more! What it awesome about “The Group” as we lovingly call it, is that it’s hyper-active. We have a great staff of moderators and admins so that posts are approved quickly and conversations can happen naturally. Our members are advice givers & seekers, making that conversation happen often!


We have basic guidelines and rules for The Group that help to maintain privacy and safety. As a non-profit dedicated to supporting women, we have a zero-tolerance policy for all things that threaten our members safety or sanity. You’ll find we don’t just let anyone in, we vet each profile to make sure they are legitimate and active. We don’t support MLM recruiting and really, this is NOT a networking space. We love businesses and supporting them, but Bad Bettie Project is a place to make friends first and foremost.

The online community is FREE to join and meant to be a resource for all women in Colorado.


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