Disclosure: This is a blog reviewing my stay at Catbird and my experience at The Red Barber. As such, this post contains links to Catbird and The Red Barber. These links are not affiliate links and are simply for informative purposes. The following review is a fair and honest assessment of my stay and experience. A huge thank you to Catbird and The Red Barber for hosting my husband and I! For more sponsored stays, visit this tag.



If you’re not already familiar with Denver’s independent hotel, Catbird, then you’ve probably not heard of The Red Barber either. This incredibly stylish hotel blurs the line between hotel and home, with a welcoming vibe that carries through every piece of the property. With a gourmet kitchen in the lobby ready to make you an exquisite breakfast and the full kitchen and bar concept on the roof in The Red Barber, this really is the best seat in town.

A Hidden Check-In for a Homey Welcome

My husband, our pup Huck and myself were invited to stay at Catbird during The Red Barber’s open house. The opportunity for a quick getaway in Denver’s art district doesn’t come by often, especially a dog-friendly one, so we were thrilled to get away. When we arrived, valet whisked away our car and we were promptly escorted to the practically hidden check-in counter. After getting squared away (as well as absolutely swept away by the Catbird lobby) we made our way up to our room.


The rooms at Catbird are nothing like you’d expect—seriously. It’s retro but modern, modular but fun. I was ooo-ing and awe-ing over every detail, especially the welcome treats and toys they had waiting for Huck! They truly take being a dog-friendly accommodation to the next level with a dog bed and bowls ready for you as well. Don’t worry, you’ll be well taken care of too with the modern kitchenette, spacious bathroom and storage. The bed was, initially, the coolest feature of the room when we first walked in. Taking platform bed to new heights (literally) the bed sits up on a stepped platform giving you extra storage and the feeling of being in a loft. Once up in the bed, you may notice something extra sweet—a projector remote. Yep, that’s right. The screen covering your window is a movie screen and every room is equipped with a projector so you can stream whatever you’d like and feel immersed.


Photo Courtesy of Catbird Hotel

Catbird Will Immerse You in Their World—And You’re Gonna Love It

Okay, so you probably get the picture—this hotel is outstanding. In the first 20 minutes we were simply floored, making me even more eager to explore the roof top. We cleaned up, crated Huck, then made our way up the elevator to where The Red Barber lives.

Upon exiting the elevator, we were greeted by great music and a refreshing, fun vibe. The pops of color and art help to set the tone and the buzz in the air really brought it home. We grabbed some drinks from their friendly bartenders before making our way out onto the patio area which is massive. Once you think you’ve reached the end, it somehow keeps going. I highly recommend exploring the entire area, from the insane views of Downtown Denver and the mountains to the fun furniture, yard games and sculptures—there’s really a lot to experience. If everything you can see at The Red Barber doesn’t fill you with excitement, the smell of delicious bbq certainly will.

The Red Barber is More Than a Bar—It’s Culinary Experience



I think the most exciting part about The Red Barber for me was the food. Gastropubs are great, but there’s something really refreshing about having a variety of delicious, fresh and diverse menu items to choose from. The Red Barber focuses on elevated finger foods with items like octopus & prawn magic skewers, the out-of-this-world sourdough grilled cheese, and the porchetta sliders—it’s a culinary must-do for sure. This should come as no surprise since their executive chef, David Anderson, pulls his creations from his experiences in Italy, Spain and Morocco. Between cornhole and stuffed piquillo peppers, The Red Barber and Anderson have managed to meld playful backyard vibes with high-end flavors.


After you’ve wined and dined, maybe played a few yard games—you’ll really want to make your way around the corner to catch the stunning views of Downtown Denver. I watched the sun set, glistening against the towering buildings, with a drink in one hand and a skewer in the other. I call that success. Living life. Living it fully. That’s exactly what you can expect when you visit Catbird and The Red Barber, too.

That being said, if you’re looking for a fun stay in Denver that can cater to your every need, this is it. If you already live in Denver and are looking for the best seat in town to enjoy Denver’s skyline, a great drink and good times—run, don’t walk. The Red Barber hosts fun social events that allow you to take advantage of the full experience while mixing and mingling with like-minded people. If you happen to stop by, be sure to tell me about your experience! Looking for more awesome stays? Check out my Trips & Travel tag.