When I moved to Colorado in 2016, it was the first time I experienced a real Spring season. You see, in Texas, we only really have 3 seasons. A summer that seems endless, the dead season (also known as winter) and the wet season (basically, May). During the wet season in Texas, it’s warm and muggy. You’re begging for the sky to pour so that the humid tension that comes with 95 degree weather and 99% humidity would finally break. I was pleasantly surprised by Colorado which actually offers a real spring, host to cold, foggy days and afternoon rains. It’s beautiful, it’s magical. It’s much colder than I expected. After moving to the Rockies, we found that this is only exaggerated. As I sit here writing this, I’m looking out my window at wisps of fog sweeping across the mountains and blue spruces.

I was excited to get the Mia Melon Everglades coat because it’s lightweight, warm and weatherproof (plus incredibly stylish.) Our road trip and even home would prove to be great places to test the jacket in different climates and scenarios. My coat came in black, though they offer it in other stunning colors. When I pulled it out of the box, I could feel that the coat was very soft inside and out – I’m all about comfort so this is important. I put it on and it fit like a glove. I’m 5’5″ and a size 10, the medium fit just right.

A large would’ve been comfortable too, but I prefer my coats a bit more fitted. The micro-fleece lining was perfectly placed, including the pockets which is a HUGE plus for me. My biggest complaint with all my coats is when I’m out shooting, my hands get cold, I go to stick them in the coat pockets and scraaaaaatch! My dry, cold hands become victim to the abrasive pockets and the pain is unbearable. Why not wear gloves? I’m often asked this – the answer is pretty simple, I can’t feel what I’m doing while wearing gloves. I like to feel my camera. The Everglades coat has remedied this problem with such a soft liner, a baby’s hands would be happy.

We took the coat on our 10-day road trip across the PNW and mid-west. From Utah to Washington and beyond, the Everglades coat was my go-to for those cold, windy or wet spots we ended up in. The coat is too heavy to bring backpacking, so we left it behind for those, but just take a look at how stunning it was agains the stark background of the Bonneville Salt Flats! I honestly couldn’t have dreamed up a cooler looking coat, it was so attractive on me that I wish I had it in other colors.

In terms of function, the coat lives up to its description. Weatherproof and wind proof, I got to test out both. Our first morning in Dead Horse was quite windy, I brought a blanket out with us to try to keep warm but found myself just fine when tucked into my Mia Melon jacket. My hands hidden in the pockets kept them from the sting of cold morning air, something my fiance was unable to avoid and very upset about! The hood adds that extra layer of warmth, protection and style that makes it perfect for every day wear.

Not short after our windy hike, we’d get to test out the water capabilities of the coat not once but twice! First, we made it to Winnemucca where the rain was pouring. We decided it was best to duck into a hotel for the night, which I ran off to, to check us in. As the rain poured down, I could hear it slapping my hood and rolling down. I made it dry as a bone, though! The wicking material of the jacket made it dry off quickly, too. The real test would come the next day when we accidentally broke open a gallon of water, unknowingly, which poured out onto the coat. When I opened the door to the mess, we were definitely concerned about the jacket but more so about pouring half a gallon of water onto the floor of my car.

We carefully lifted the coat, balancing the water until it was outside of the backseat where we poured it out. The coat wasn’t soaked, it was barely damp! Now that’s what I call weatherproof.

All in all, I rate this coat a 5/5. It’s very stylish and flattering, something hard to find in a rain jacket. The functionality of the coat alone is so impressive I can’t wait to test out their other weatherproof items. If you’re looking for a light rain jacket that works well in the rain and will make you look like a total badass, the Mia Melon Everglades is for you.

For more information on Mia Melon’s Everglades coat, click here. For transparency, I was given this coat in exchange for social media promotion and review. All opinions in this piece are true, I really do love this coat!

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