Now that Drew and I are finally recovering from our wedding shenanigans, I figured I’d release a holiday gift guide! Disclaimer: some of the brands listed in this gift guide did gift me the products so I could review and photograph them, the following words and opinions on these products are true and not a reflection of these gifts.

So let me guess, you’ve been so wrapped up in the state of the world you didn’t realize it’s almost over! Which means you’re left empty-handed with the holidays right around the corner. Here’s my quick and easy gift guide for last-minute gifts for your lover. Each gift in this guide stimulates a different sense, pick one or a few – they’re bound to be happy.

Starting things with the sense of smell – meet Brennan Candle Co. 

Brennan Candle Co. came onto my radar earlier this year as soon as they launched. The owner, Valery Brennan, owned and operated Fiercely, a feminist tee company, and I knew her newest venture would be top-notch. With a variety of scents, Brennan Candle Co. doesn’t subscribe to “masculine” or “feminine” scents, but rather believes in blending everything into candles anyone would love. Here I have their Under the Mistletoe which Drew absolutely loves and their limited edition Fifth Avenue Fête which I find divine. If you’re looking for an impactful way to set the mood for your loved one, check them out!

Most candles are $25-$29 across the site and come shipped with an ample amount of cushion to protect the candles. Take advantage of 20% off the ENTIRE store starting 11:59pm 11/26 and ending Monday night at 11:59pm.

Next Up – Taste, brought to you by Black Sheep Teas & Gruvi!

The sense of taste is probably one of my favorites, I love the sensation of something delicious. If that something delicious brings with it some other benefits, that’s a win. Here are my two picks that taste GREAT and make for the perfect beverage to share with your partner:

Black Sheep Teas


I’m a big fan of tea, so when Black Sheep Teas reached out to potentially be featured in this guide – I may have squealed a little. Incredible tea blends are created with the intention of restoring mind, body and spirit one sip at a time. Each thoughtfully-crafted combination encourages a self-care ritual, I was so thrilled to try their Hypnotic Berry with Drew and we were so not disappointed. As a tea buff, I love exploring new blends and this one is particularly flavorful. Maqui berries, sweet elderberries, goji berries, passion flower and hibiscus can be found in Hypnotic Berry, bringing with them a feeling of entrancement and heartfulness.

Perfect for evening romance. You can grab these delicious tea blends for $13.00 a piece on their site.

Get Gruvi



Photo Courtesy of Gruvi

I was introduced to Gruvi in late 2018 and have been in love ever since! Their dry prosecco is my jam and their non-alcoholic beers are the only beers I will drink! When I saw they had released a Rosé version of their alcohol-free beverages my jaw dropped, I knew I had to include them in this holiday gift guide. Drew and I do not drink too often and we love Gruvi’s alcohol-free line-up, so we were incredibly excited to try them. Gotta say – I think we have a new favorite! Not only is the packaging cute, but they’re delicious. Super light and refreshing, it’s a great gift for your partner, friends, sister, etc.

Their glass bottle drinks are $14.99 for a 4-pack and their canned drinks are $9.99 for a 4-pack. Take advantage of 15% off & free shipping on orders $49+ for Black Friday!

Time for Some Touch with Eossi Beauty


The sense of touch is such a strong one that for some, it’s their primary love language! What better way to lean into it than gifting your partner something that not only will improve their self-image but also forces them to take a moment to feel it out. Enter: Eossi’s Facial Glow Oil with 1000MG of CBD. This stuff is divine, y’all. Liquid gold in a bottle. As soon as you feel the way it glides across your skin, penetrating deeply for maximum hydration – you’ll want to keep it a secret. This is the perfect gift for your partner that needs a little or loves a lot of self-care.

Every time I take a moment to massage this Glow Oil into my skin I seem to get more compliments from Drew, not sure if that’s a coincidence or if this stuff just really works.

Grab this 1000MG CBD facial oil for $49.95 on their website! Take advantage of BOGO 50% off starting Black Friday – they’ll even ship your second bottle to a friend if you DM them. Use code “HOLIDAYBOGO” to redeem.

See Your Goodies Better with Rob Rodney


One song and dance that Drew and I go through virtually every day is “have you seen the dab tool?” or “do you know where the bud is?” To say we are wanderers with our weed would be an understatement, we are TERRIBLE about losing our stuff! So when I was introduced to Rob Rodney’s designer locking bags I was super intrigued. Each bag has multiple compartments and removable attachments that make storing and finding your favorite weedables easy.


Photo Courtesy of Rob Rodney

They come in two sizes, Little and Big, and six colors. Featured here is the Little size in brown. Every bag comes with a luggage or padlock to keep your goodies safe from others, too. I love the sleekness of the bag, it’s super sturdy and makes me feel confident that my goods and tools are safe! Rob Rodney bags are great for more than just cannabis goods, you can store all kinds of valuables inside in style. With a variety of looks to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

You can get your own Rob Rodney bag for $50, here. Use promo code VANESSA10 for 10% off!

Hear the Love with Coral


Photo Courtesy of Coral

For some of us (me), words of affirmation is our main love language. We need to hear how much you love us to know you love us. In an effort to continue better understanding each other, Drew and I downloaded this cool new app called Coral. Coral is a sexual wellness app, helping couples to tap into what really gets their partner going as well as yourself. After taking a quick & easy test on yourself, you’ll receive your Sex Type. Invite your partner to join the platform and find out theirs too, from there the app will deliver you all kinds of content to explore.

From solo to couple games and quizzes, to meditative style lectures to learn from – there’s so much about this app I love. You can try out their free trial by simply downloading the app, otherwise, it is $59.99 a year.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my 2020 holiday gift guide. Chances are if your partner loves you it won’t matter what gift you give them, but hopefully, this guide has been a helpful start! Want to read more about me and Drew’s relationship? Check out our wedding series.