With amazing views of Dillon Lake Reservoir, this is a great spot to stretch your legs and snap some amazing photos. The wildlife is also particularly friendly!

Sapphire Point Overlook Trail is an often forgotten hidden gem in the Colorado front range. Just about 15 minutes from the highway, you can find the best view in town. 
The trail is very short and takes you through some gorgeous and pockets of beautiful views of the lake. Depending on where you start, you may reach the point sooner rather than later. If you begin to the left, where the bathroom is, you’ll walk just a minute or two before you arrive at the official Sapphire Point Overlook spot. The birds here are especially friendly and can easily be photographed. Some people bring wild seed to encourage the birds, but it’s always best practice to leave them alone and leave no trace. 
The view from the overlook is great, you can climb the boulders (carefully) to get better vantage points as well as more privacy. The several times I’ve visited, there’s been five to six other people there at the most. 
If you continue on past the overlook, you’ll take a short trail around the side of the point where there’s more open space as well as more views! You can stop here with the family for a picnic or doggy potty break. It’s really quite a beautiful spot that few people visit. 
This trail is so easy to navigate, it’s even wheelchair accessible – making it the PERFECT quick stop for anyone craving some sick mountain views. All ages, all skill levels. 


  1. Water
  2. Windbreaker / jacket
  3. Camera
  4. Non-slip shoes