If you’re reading this, chances are you’re also considering a trip to Moab’s desert with your furry friends. Well, I have great news for you, you’re in the right place! This is my guide to dog-friendly Moab:

To preface, this most recent trip was the definition of spontaneous. My husband and I were sitting in the living room discussing my depression and how heavily it and my overall physical health are tied to exploring. I am just wildly more in my element when I’m checking out some corner of the earth I haven’t yet.

Drew turned to me and said, “Well let’s just go to Moab this weekend then. What else do you have going on?” I frantically checked all 4 of my calendars (🤪 someone save me 🤪) and the coast was clear. We quickly loaded up our stuff, ourselves, and the dogs and were on our way. Therefore, I can guarantee this guide is foolproof — considering a couple of fools made it happen!

Where to Stay – Dog-Friendly Accommodations


Photo Courtesy of Expedition Lodge

We checked all the short-term rental sites before heading out and they weren’t on budget, so I hopped on BringFido.com next.

BringFido.com gives you access to pretty much all the info you need for your dog-friendly experience in one site, but I prefer it mostly for finding hotels quickly.

It wasn’t long before we landed on the Expedition Lodge in the heart of Moab! Expedition Lodge is a remodeled motel with fun interiors, a pool, and easy walking access to a lot of food/shopping. The rooms are super spacious and we loved the appliances. I will say, the walls are pretty thin so our dogs were barking at everything! Luckily, the case was the same for others so there was no tension.

We also stayed at the La Quinta on the far end of town. We got stuck in Moab an extra night after Drew’s transmission failed and decided to move hotels to somewhere not on the main strip. The dogs really appreciated this hotel as it was quieter and it has its own small dog park!

Both hotels allowed 2 dogs with no weight limits which is why we chose them. Here are some others that allow dogs:

Where to Go with your Dog


Jeep Arch Trail

When we weren’t sleeping, we were exploring Moab! Many people visit Moab for Canyonlands and Arches National Park, but national parks are typically not dog-friendly. Lucky for us, we’ve been there done that — so our sights were set on non-park trips. Here’s a list of some of Moab’s coolest dog-friendly trails:

  • Jeep Arch: Located opposite of the very popular Corona Arch (technically dog-friendly, but there’s some tricky areas we wouldn’t want to attempt with ours)
  • Mill Creek Trail: If your pups love the water, this is a great trail to hit
  • Castleton Tower: A great trail for pups up to the base of the tower
  • Moonflower Canyon: Something about this trail in the winter is next level cool, Ollie enjoyed skating on the frozen creek
  • Cowboy Jacuzzis:  A bit longer for a greater reward, if your dogs are good with water this is a great trail for a wet hike to amazing views and a man-made waterfall


What to Eat

To be upfront, we tend to visit Moab during the winter and this was our first time really staying in town. Usually, we are backpacking or camping so food looks like a rehydrated meal. We did get take out and I peeped some patios, so here’s what I got for ya:

  • Sweet Cravings Bistro: we ate here nearly the entire trip. Wide variety of breakfast and lunch items, plus a super sweet staff that takes COVID seriously. They LOVED our dogs even though they were in the car.
  • Bangkok House Too: This Thai place is just a couple of blocks from Expedition Lodge which made it easy to walk to and pick up. The pad Thai I had was seriously bomb and I think about it constantly.
  • Quesadilla Mobilla: We didn’t stop here, but the fact that it’s walk-up means keeping your pooch nearby is easy and welcomed
  • Arches Thai: Who knew there was so much Thai in Moab? This spot has a great patio for pups
  • Gloria’s Corner Cafe: If you’re looking for something a bit healthier, but still delicious – this is the spot! Plus their patio is perfect for dogs.


Other Dog-Friendly Fun

Moab is the desert, there are endless dog-friendly opportunities. Here are some other fun & practical stuff you can do with your pups in Moab:

  • Drive along Canyon Road and Hurrah Pass for epic scenery and photo moments
  • Visit Moab’s main dog park, Bark Park
  • Visit Dead Horse State Park’s scenic viewpoint
  • Apparently you can take a helicopter ride with your pup, here
  • Forget something for your fur-friend? Hit up the Moab BARKery

I hope you enjoyed my guide! Now get out there and explore, your dogs will thank you for it and so will your soul. Have any questions? Feel free to DM me on Instagram. Looking for more Utah adventures? Check out my backpacking guide on Murphy’s Loop.