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Sunrise, Hot Springs & Warm Coda Coffee aka Bliss

Imagine it: you take a short hike to a warm hot spring with a subtly gorgeous sunrise view of the Jemez Mountains and your friends pours you a cup of even warmer, just brewed coffee from Coda Coffee. Sounds perfect, right? It was. For some of us, coffee is the go-go juice that adventures are made of. I am 100% one of those people. So, when Coda Coffee offered to be a sponsor of our trip you can bet I was excited. Coda Coffee is locally owned in Colorado and really sets the standard for coffee roasting— it’s local beans you can trust.


Locally Owned with Out of this World Depth

Back to the hot spring, Erika and I are sipping on Dark Notorious while Nikki is doing her thing, I can’t tell you how relaxing those moments were. That’s kind of the beauty of coffee, it’s like a ritual so it can take many forms. Sometimes coffee is the fuel you need to get going and other times it feels like a harm hug. I think with Coda, you feel this even more. Knowing their process, their coffee really does give you warm fuzzies inside. I mentioned setting the standard before, let me dive into how.


From Start to Finish, Coda Coffee Sets the Standard

Coda Coffee often works with small farmers to source ethical coffee beans and create more opportunities at the local level. Once they’ve sourced the beans, they test each batch to understand what roasting process would be best. And then from there it’s roasted perfectly and delivered to your hands. I can’t tell you how amazing our car smelled for this road trip! Between single origin options & their signature blends, there really is a perfect cup for everyone.

Here’s a breakdown with more details on the exact blends we brought with us and enjoyed on this trip:

  • Coda House – Expect notes of caramel, honeysuckle and melon. This blend comes from El Salvador, Sumatra and Colombia – it is a light roast
  • Ethiopia Yirg Z – Expect notes of floral, sweet molasses and lemon citrus. This single origin is from Ethiopia and is a light roast
  • Dark Notorious – Expect notes of complex caramel and chocolate. This blend comes from Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua and is a dark roast
  • El Salvador Las Nuves Microlot – Expect notes of lime citrus, chocolate and hazlenut. This single origin is from El Salvador and is a light roast

Thank you again to our friends at Coda Coffee for sponsoring our trip to New Mexico! Be sure to check out their Coda Classics collection.