Pinterest is an organizer’s dream when it comes to content. While its functionality seems minimal, the organizational tools it presents makes navigating your brands content even easier. This leaves brands with an easy tool to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest.

I try to remember these words: consistency, community and quality.

Like any social platform, audiences want to see exciting things in a consistent manner. Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog almost guarantees more and longer lasting views. Making sure you schedule your content throughout the week during peak times is paramount. The best way to effectively accomplish this is to use a scheduler like Hootsuite or Sprout. Collect a week or two worth of content and get scheduling!

Without community, what even is social media?

Pinterest thrives on that mentality, which is why it’s becoming increasingly popular. Many brands think that pinning things here and there is enough to get things growing and it’s not. Like every platform, you must proactively engage. I try to pick 3-5 different accounts to engage with every day. I re-pin relevant posts and follow relevant boards. If your target demographic is fairly niche, make sure to build a board for yourself of content that resonates in that niche. 


using pinterest to drive traffic to your blog


The quality of your content is also incredibly important. According to Pinterest, fashion and style pins that featured products in use as opposed to by themselves saw 30 percent more clickthroughs and a 170 percent lift in checkout rates. What does that mean? The people want to see authentic, engaging visuals that tell a story rather than sell a product.

Pinterest is an SEO Wonderland for Driving Traffic

Last thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest is fantastic for its search optimization. Make sure to use strategic keywords in your posts and in photos to make sure users can find your content. I typically use Google Search Console and Yoast’s SEO plug-in to narrow down focus keyphrases my audiences are already searching and re-iterate them in my Pinterest posts. It doesn’t matter so much where your audience finds you, as long as they find you!

If you’d like to dive deeper into your business or personal brand’s Pinterest strategy, let’s schedule a consult! As a seasoned social media professional with a PR driven strategy, we’ll do more than just use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog — we’ll convert it.